Zephyr Yard

Zephyr Yard is set up in 2019. “The idea behind the brand was taken from my desire to share new and unusual treats with people around me. Having moved to Ireland, I found that my friends and their friends were open to trying new tastes and textures. With this in mind, I wanted everyone to try the wonderful flavours of Eastern European marshmallows” – Tatiana Bite.

Made with love and only natural locally sourced ingredients, Zephyr Yard provides the perfect variety of marshmallow flavours for their customers to enjoy. Being a small business allows them a high degree of flexibility in meeting their clients’ individual needs. Such a service provides for specific requirements in packaging, weight, and product flavours. Zephyr Yard’s products can now be found at the local farmer’s markets and are available for pre-order via a variety of social media channels.

Our Local Products