Fiorbhia Farm

Fiorbhia Farm is a local regenerative educational farm, chemical free, the way nature intended. They supply free range pork, eggs, chickens, heritage bronze turkeys, rose veal, honey and biochar. They take the best knowledge from farming heritage and combine it with the latest developments in soil microbiology to produce consistent, healthy food with the highest animal welfare standards. They also process all produce locally supporting small businesses and the local community.

They work using forested land in collaboration with nature and animals to produce healthy happy nutrient rich food. Their pastures are forested, with natural ecosystems and no artificial inputs, farming animals that are antibiotic free whilst feeding them GM free locally grown grains and beans.

It is also carbon positive in production because as they move their animals and birds to fresh pasture they distribute their own waste directly onto the land, ensuring no use of any artificial fertilisers or chemical medication. They also choose not to heat chicken coops or animal housing, which ensures their hens live longer than conventional egg production hens. High animal welfare is their guiding light. “Our animals are healthy and delighted to browse wild herbs and shrubs” – Brendan Guinan.

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