Edmundburry Greens

Edmundburry Greens was established by Simona Mihai and Nick Soomaree in April 2018 and is committed to producing tasty natural produce and preserving it by locking in gorgeous flavours. Simona, originally from Romania, has always had a love of nature from a young age when she enjoyed gardening and making herbal teas with her Grandmother. While Nick was born in Mauritius, his family had allotments, chickens, goats and ducks which made them self-sufficient. Their mutual love of natural flavourful food brought them together and they ensure that all their produce is grown naturally, without chemicals, from Irish organic seeds. Freshness is paramount to this business.

“Our growing methods promote soil fertility and nutrients and ensure respect for the environment. It is our belief that produce grown with such care will taste better and be more beneficial to health. We make low sugar jams with fresh ingredients and no preservatives or artificial colours, so they are as natural as they can be. We also make savoury preserves using our own vegetables which are both vegan and gluten free. Our jams and preserves are inspired by both our families recipes’ and are dear to our hearts” – Simona Mihai.

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