Ballyrider House Granola

Ballyrider House Granola is super food for the brain, it’s packed with many sources of slow release, high energy fuel for your body and not least, a delicious sweet toasty treat for your taste buds, any time of day….or night! The little business came to life in 2020 during long and leisurely lockdown days when a quest to find the perfect breakfast prompted Aoife to create her own granola. The result was ‘Super Seed’ which is a very tasty, blend of 6 able-bodied, hard working seeds, almonds, delicious sweet coconut and wholesome Irish oats….blended with honey and spice!

The granola is handcrafted in small batches for the highest quality and flavour. Each and every pack is carefully wrapped by hand in polite brown paper packaging with a quaint and quirky label that has in itself attracted much attention. Aoife produces and operates her business from her home bakery in Ballyrider House in Stradbally and supplies artisan food shops and conscientious retailers across the country. You’ll find more details, pictures and recipe ideas from Ballyrider House on the company Instagram and Facebook.

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